SMTP Smarthost Service Overview

If you run your own e-mail server, what happens to your email when your:

The Mailman provides e-mail redundancy services to prevent the loss of e-mail should any of the above scenarios occur.

Here's a short overview of how the service works.

  1. We set up your domain name on our e-mail server cluster.
  2. Your Mail Exchanger (MX) records are changed to point to our mail server cluster.
  3. Our mail server cluster is configured as a "store and forward" relay that stores the message and attempts to deliver it to your server.
  4. Our mail server cluster will store your messages for up to 8 days, attempting delivery every 5 minutes. When your mail server comes back online after an outage, your accumulated email gets delivered automatically.

The following basic spam filtering techniques are employed with all smarthost packages*:

*These methods are basic low-level spam combatting techniques and do not represent in any way a concise spam filter, no message content checks are provided with this method, if you need full spam filtering capabilities please see our Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus packages - SMTP smarthost capabilities are provided as standard with those.

Secondary MX

For organisations requiring secondary MX services, this service can be used in conjunction with your existing provider to give you that extra level of protection against loss.

The service can be configured as additional to your existing setup should you require another layer of redundancy

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