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Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Services

The Mailman Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam service is a sophisticated e-mail filtering system which eliminates spam e-mails & viruses before they ever reach your network. Mailman Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam can be activated in a matter of minutes. It requires no dedicated hardware or software which therefore reduces the cost and inconvenience that some other applications can incur.

Once MailMan Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam has been activated all e-mails be they inbound or outbound will be routed directly through our e-mail server cluster which will pass all e-mails through virus engines and sophisticated spam filters, ensuring e-mail is free from potential internet viruses & spam. Despite emails being redirected this service has virtually no impact on the speed in which your emails are normally transmitted on average it take less then 1 second for email to be scanned making it impossible for the recipient to be aware of the extra process.

When a Virus is found the email cluster will simply stop and quarantine the infected email. A notification will be sent to you along with information on where the mail originated from.


Is your company suffering a loss of productivity due to spam email?

As the number of people reachable by email has expanded, the lure of reaching large numbers of people for free has become irresistible to marketers and anyone who just wants some extra attention. Unfortunately, users and employers pay the price in the form of wasted time, bandwidth, and disk space.

The occasional unsolicited email may simply be an annoyance, but the flood of spam to which we are all now subject can overwhelm legitimate mail for many users and is a substantial irritation for many people. Fortunately, just as the tools used by spammers have become more sophisticated, so have the tools you can use to fight spam.

Mailman takes a very different approach from previous spam filters, and this approach has proven to be more flexible and adaptable. While it also uses matching rules to identify possible spam candidates, it takes a probabilistic, score-based approach to classifying messages instead of a binary approach. Instead of seeking to create rules that identify messages as "definitely spam" or "definitely not spam", it uses rules that use probability to make inferences about the likelihood that a given message is spam.

Email Filtering Options

The result of email scanning with this service can be tailored in several different ways, some examples of this are: you may want low scoring spam to be identified but still delivered, or even just reject it all at source.

When you choose this service, one of our solutions architects will discuss the benefits and downsides of each available option and help you choose the best scenario for your setup.

Typical Setup

Over the past few years, we've found that the vast majority of our clients prefer this particular setup:

The domain is configured in a smarthost setup

What this means is, our email cluster servers are nominated as being the servers that route all of your companies email, when email is recieved, it is scanned (and cleaned if appropriate) and then pushed directly on to your companies internal email server (such as Microsoft Exchange).

Email filtering Options are configured

We have found from experience, that most customers prefer to have low scoring spam detected, and the subject changed to reflect the spam status and then this to be delivered on (Just incase there are any false positives)

High scoring spam tends to be automatically stopped at source, as it is highly unlikely that high scoring spam is in fact legitimate.

From experience, when email viruses are detected, it is a strong probability that the files sent are in fact entirely illegitimate and therefore our clients tend to prefer virus infected emails to be quarantined rather than delivered, enabling them to later retrieve a cleaned version of the files if they are in fact legitimate.

Delivery Methods

How you email is routed can be tailored specifically to your individual requirements, please see Delivery Methods for more information.


Prices are based around the number of users and domains your require to be filtered, please see Pricing for more information.

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